As all of the reels had quick change spools, we didn't bother evaluating it this time around. Finally, in calculating BTW, we’re going to give you an idea of how heavy of a reel you need to balance the rod. We awarded double points in 5 key performance areas. For example, it has a heavier swing weight and BTW than the DXF. Anglers use 5-weight fly rods not just for trout, but also for bass, bluegills, perch, whitefish, carp and even catfish! A New Format for Our 5-weight Shootout. We hope you enjoy it. We calculated estimated volume using the following formula: This calculation isn’t exact because some of the spool designs featured arbors that weren’t flat, but it does give us a basic idea of reel capacity. Overall it finished just behind the top rods in these two key categories. I caught fish big and small and must say that from a novice's perspective, this rod is extremely sensitive and can easily detect strikes, even from small trout. For example, the epiphany should have a downlocker by next year and will balance very differently. I always enjoy your rod reviews on YouTube, but this shootout is really going the extra mile to provide customers with both objective and subjective information to help them pick out their next reel. As you might expect, the swing weight of a super long rod is quite high, Like the Fenwick, the Mystic was too soft to provide an adequate amount of feel, Like the other soft rods, the Recon was too soft to provide feel, Option to go with a downlocking reel seat, By far the most sensitive rod in the test, Great finishing details we’ve come to expect from Winston. We felt that it would be unfair to the makers of some really great reels to be left out, so we've come up with a matrix of reels that are excellent and may fit your needs better than the CCF or Hydros if your preferences are a little different than ours. Bigger reels are more flexible. Well, there was destined to be a loser in this shootout, and the TiCr-X 9 foot #5, although it does have some redeeming features, is it. A long rod with above average performance across the board. Reels are getting lighter too. I have been tight-line nymphing for over 12 years. Hi - please read the section titled: "How we chose reels for our test". Best reels for the price. Really nice to see someone take on the review of Nymphing Rods, since it has become such a major technique in trout fishing. Casting and Sensitivity: For such a soft rod, I would have expected it to cast better, but it was just OK. Thank you for creating this. Over the years I have fished the Hardy Zenith 10’ 3 wt, Syndicate 10’ 3 wt, Echo, Redington, and the first generation Sage ESN. The test field in this enduro group test. guess its in a class of its own??? You really couldn’t feel anything along the way and the only way you’d feel a strike is when the fish was hooked or if your sighter moved. My first dedicated Euro rod was the first generation Greys Streamflex 10’ 3wt. We go back and forth on whether or not it should be included on almost every test. As fly fisherman, we’ve become obsessed with weight. Would be much better with a downlocking reel seat. But let's back up. In our 2018, 8-weight Shootout the Q finished in the middle of the pack, but the 8-weight had a swing weight that was pretty good, while here as a 4-weight, the swing weight was one of the worst. Weight: Super heavy. I can say that it was interesting, but I’m still not quite sure what it all means (if anything). The only rod that was better was the Winston. Except the grip. We now have all three of the new Sony EXTRA BASS 2020 range – the SRS-XB23, SRS-XB33 and SRS-XB43. The Sky is the big brother to the DXF. Sensitivity (10 Points) – Sensitivity took the place of “Feel” in our test. These reels have triangular spools and we had to come up with a whole new formula to calculate this. Our testing has evolved a lot since the first time we did our 8-weight challenge. We tested 37 reels across 13 categories - including 3 all new categories! The rod cost them 1100.00 . Most love the way it cast and the fact that the 3100 balances with a Click. We were looking for about .4lbs of drag and surprisingly, no reels actually hit this. An AA of 70 indicates a fast action, this rod is the antithesis of a fast action! While I was surprised by our winner, I was definitely not surprised by our best buy. Editor's Note: This is a rod where the CCS metrics are misleading. Other than that, both cameras are pretty great in my eyes. Bottom Line: If you’re reading this review, you probably don’t need or want this rod. It’s light, it’s sensitive, it’s easy to cast. It’s top notch. It beats out the shorter Douglas Sky and Redington Hydrogen. I’m currently running a Hardy ultralight DD 5000 which is a touch heavy on long days and doesn’t balance quite right. I’m not really sure why, but this rod never got much marketing steam behind it. What does make sense, though, is to borrow a category from our conventional tackle cousins and talk about sensitivity. Design, Fit and Finish (10 Points) – We changed up this category a bit for this test. Sorry, the echo reels are the vest for the money. This all sounds overly harsh, but the reality is that the price-to-performance ratio on this rod is spectacular and it’s really hard to fault anything that Cortland has done here at a $250 price point. Many reels claim it and the internet is loaded with pix of reels laid down in the creeks while a fisherman/woman is unhooking their quarry. Like the other Marryat rods, the grip was awkward and way too large in diameter. It's the most rugged camera I ever had. In an ideal world, we'd like to see exactly 50% of the drag at this point, but what we found was that drag force ranged from 2-62% of Max Drag. A great example of this is the Hatch - it requires very little torque to set it all the way to max drag, and therefore 100% of its drag is usable. It also differentiates reels in terms of technical performance. Each reel was then filled with 50 yards of backing and then mounted to our universal testing machine. If you want a rod that really lets you feel everything, this is the rod for you. That is not to say that I would take any reel over a Tibor. Why have 2 turns of drag when the reel is going to free spool after one turn? Design, Fit and Finish: Pretty much identical to the Cortland and the DXF (starting to see a trend?? I agree there are a lot of new tight line rods out there for less than 300.00 like the shadow II, syndicate, epiphany (by moonshine) that were not reviewed this year but should be next year and will be different. Why? It’s light, it casts well and is reasonably sensitive. Rods are pushing the limits, some weighing in at less than two ounces. 3. Its light weight makes this rod super fun to fish and a welcome reprieve from the heavier rods that we’re used to. 2020 marks the return of Greys to the United States. Tune in as Jared teaches you the steps to tie the Hollow Fleye Squid with tips, techniques, and advice for tying this Hollow Fleye-style Squid pattern. The new Sage ESN 10’ 6” 3 wt is way ahead of these other rods. This rod, however, is better suited to indicator nymphing that tight line nymphing. Design, Fit and Finish: Great build quality, but we would have liked to see a downlocking reel seat and a fighting butt. Here are the categories: Max drag is our hallmark test category. Our favorite handle came from Nautilus. Awesome review and test guys! A 36-year-old man who was wanted for attempted murder in Council Bluffs, Iowa, has died in a shootout with federal agents near Las Cruces, New Mexico. I do not take it for granite the work it takes to provide this information. In hopes of choosing my future new toy. The only 10.5’ rod to beat it was the Sage. Fortunately, you can order it with one! It’s better. I believe the Danielsson drag would be better than the Loop having had my hands on both. what happened to the tibor signature??? I would really like to see how they fair against reels like the mirage and the nautiluses. #10 Temple Fork TiCr-X, 9 foot #5, 4 Pc. Yes, you can cast dry flies perfect with the new Maxia SX. With a host of awards in other line weights, we had some really high expectations for the Sky. The reason behind this is that weight distribution becomes especially critical as rods get longer. What is start-up inertia? In addition to the Specialized S-Works Enduro, Santa Cruz Megatower, Rocky Mountain Slayer and Pole Stamina 180, the Nukeproof Mega 290 Carbon caused a lot of excitement even before we reviewed it in our group test. Thank you for the technical insights. The Tactical 10’ 3wt is a fantastic rod. I am just reading your shootout results and I can't believe you don't have a Tibor Everglades in this comparison. It also means fewer turns to bring in that trophy or just reel up as you change spots. This is particularly important for longer (10.5’ and 11’) rods. The Cortland Competition Nymph rod embodies a rod that feels like it wasn’t really designed for tight line nymphing, but is closer to a standard 3-weight taper with added length. It’s the longest rod in the test and while you can always back up a foot, it’s often not an option to wade a little deeper. Bottom Line: For an extra $100, it’s a worthwhile upgrade over the Cortland Competition Nymph, but *quite* enough of an upgrade to earn our best buy. This area is evolving so fast that you are going to see a lot of changes over the next year. After all, you can’t test nymphing rods on the lawn. I'm headed to the Amazon for Peacock Bass in a couple of weeks, needed a new real and searched for a review website and found you. In each review, we'll talk about divots (holes caused by the drop), scratches (mostly caused by dragging) and damage, which can take the shape of a bent frame or anything that would cause the reel to stop functioning normally. Weight: The Tactical weighs in at 3.2 oz with a BTW of 9.3 oz and a swing weight of 91. There are two types of friction: static - when the drag isn't moving - and kinetic - when a fish is pulling on the drag. We spend a lot of time testing gear and writing shootouts to give you all of the tools to make your next trip a success. No, it is not a a case of good, better and best, but Sony EXTRA BASS 2020 Effectively, we're losing 25% of our drag strength. We wanted this test to be as complete as possible. The Hydrogen falls into the latter category. 32, 5-weight rods entire, two leave. Design, Fit and Finish: While there’s no question that this was designed as a nymphing rod, it really was missing the downlocking reel seat that we really prefer. They also hit the nail on the head with the design of the rod – it’s got all the bells and whistles we’re looking for. Yeah, we barely remember it ourselves. Better still, this rod is at the heart of the tight-line movement. I read your nymphing rod shootout and was interested in several rods you rated at the top. So, as we do for each and every one of our shootouts, we asked virtually EVERY reel manufacturer to send us a reel. Line Weight. We then awarded two points for a downlocking reel seat. The Mystic tied for 2nd place with a BTW of 8.5 oz and a chart topping swing weight of 92. We awarded points based on how close reels got to 50%. Nautilus also won this one with the CCF sporting a knob that's not only large and easy to hold on to, but has a great texture to give you added grip. In fact there is no reel that's in production that was in our original shootout. Drag sounds provide a lot of feedback when fighting a fish, which is useful, but they also add to the excitement of catching a fish that makes a great run. This fly is intricately tied with a variety of techniques that are easy to learn and fun to use in a variety of other streamer patterns. It’s horribly heavy for a 10’ rod. Start-up inertia is the initial force required to get the drag started. I cannot thank you guys enough for the wonderful information provided in your test results! We measured drag strength by tightening the reel to the tightest we could reasonably get it with our fingers, then attaching the reel to our UTM and averaging the force after the reel hit its peak (about 2 inches). Strike Industries Fat Comp 03: Click here to jump to its point in the video. But it's also what makes this test worth reading. The SRX wasn’t far behind – 9.07 seconds box stock and 9.18 dealer prep – while the less powerful but still impressively overachieving 900 Ace Turbo laid down 9.56- and 9.73-second runs that would have won the top two stroke class. While this wasn’t our favorite rod, I’m really looking forward to testing the 10’8” 3wt and the 10’2” 2wt (with a downlocking reel seat of course), as those rods are probably what we should have tested in the first place. Announced Aug 2016. Would have loved to see the Echo Bravo in this shootout. Reach (10 Points) – Longer rods provide more reach. Editor’s Note: Hitachi’s NR90AE(S1) didn’t make in time for our initial tests, but it arrived and we have updated the results to reflect its performance. I've fished it with euro nymph rigs as well as a dry-dropper setup and it performed extremely well in both scenarios. We are not a blog, or a review site. Not always a great idea with salt water. So the initial ie. They hold more line and give you more options – like being able to put a 9 or 10-weight line on an 8-weight reel. Bottom Line: Another rod that felt like it missed the mark. Design, Fit and Finish: Pretty much identical to the Cortland (and several other rods in the test), the DXF is pretty standard. Plus, we even caught some fish! The top rods felt like we were mapping the bottom of the river. Basically, it’s slightly worse than average. It’s second only to the Orvis Recon in casting. Your presentation of start-up drag has me wondering if I have the whole concept upside down. Your graph uses distance on the horizontal axis and I presume this is the length of line pulled from the reel where zero is the stat point . Nothing special going on here. The most versatile fly fishing rods tend to be between 8 and 9 feet in length. The Recon doesn’t disappoint. Now, I really try to take care of my gear, and my OCD isn't too happy when blemishes pop up, but I'm sure there are some that would like to know when the Trident Scratch and Dent Sale is. Any advise on reel choice? While not a light rod, it’s actually one of the lighter 11-footers in our test. We found that when fly line was on the reel, it shifted around too much to get consistent results. Overall I see the Super 10 as a rod that offers you a choice. After a win in our (9') 5-weight shootout, I expected a lot from the Orvis Helios 2. Trident Fly Fishing is a full service fly shop. Unlike the old rod, which was just a long rod, the new ESN is definitely designed specifically for tight line nymphing. I’ve flyfished saltwater for over 50 years and can say that most saltwater guides and I can vouch for the ruggedness, durability and performance of Tibor over any other reel, just look at IGFAs World Record holders for Flyfishing. Also would have liked to have seen Tibor’s on here. That’s why top reel manufacturers offer dozens of custom colors and 100s of possible combinations. Casting and Sensitivity: The DXF did really well in both casting and sensitivity. Are you aware of the Tibor everglades? Casting (10 Points) – Let’s face it; while most of the rods we tested are 3-weights, there’s really not a lot that European style nymphing has in common with a 3-weight rod. We introduced ergonomics in our 5-weight shootout. We as Americans are behind in the tight line game and so are our rod developers with the exception of possibly Sage with the ESN HD. Unfortunately, it’s super stiff and that made it very hard to cast. I went to Marblehead Fly Fisher in De today to do a shootout between The Sage XI3 9 wt and The Loomis NRX 9wt . I’ve been fishing the old Greys XF2 for years. Why no Lamson Cobalt? So, it's actually a bit of a misnomer. You turn down the drag to strip line off your reel as quickly as you can to make that critical first cast only to find that your neatly wound up line has been turned into a birds nest? We prefer a little bit of both. But this is a shootout and there has to be a winner, so we took price out of the equation and crowned the Sage ESN HD the champion. MACON, Ga. — A car chase in Bibb County led to a crash and a shootout between the driver and troopers on Saturday. There are probably more people out there fishing this rod than any other in the test. Here’s how it stacks up: Weight: The Competition Nymph weighs in at 3.4 oz with a BTW of 9.4 oz and a swing weight of 106. An incredible 4-weight rod for fishing larger streams and stillwaters with dry flies, nymphs or small streamers. Which is why we're doing this test. Way cheaper than any of the other rods you should even consider fishing, Reach: at 10’6”, it’s got some length to get your flies to where they need to be. I would have liked to see other company’s rods in here, but I imagine it’s difficult to acquire even as many as you did, and I appreciate it. Don't forget to check out the other posts in our great fly fishing blog. If you make 100 casts in a day, every ounce works out to over 6 extra pounds you need to move. Very helpful!!! Heavy and a weak performer across the board. They’ve really done a lot right. I will be purchasing an Orvis Hydros SL due to great performance at a low cost and while the overall craftsmanship might not be as good as some of the other reels, you could keep replacing the reel 2 to 4 times before you would equal the original price point of some that were tested. But with the old models of 10ft you can cast dries in large streams, so I prefer 9ft and 9.6ft for dries. As usual, we started by weighing, poking, measuring, and wiggling until there was nothing left to learn from the rods. Great review. It's the only way to really understand what's happening at a scientific level. Casting and Sensitivity: While the Contact was surprisingly sensitive, it was just a bit too stiff to make it an easy caster. A great article with a lot of information to take into consideration. Must have been difficult w/all the designers standing around looking over your shoulder. The BL9000 scored 88.0 points in the shootout. Weight: One of the best! That’s how much space 75 yards of 20lb Dacron backing takes up. Mine is the 9’ model so I can only speak specifically to it. Unlike a standard fly cast, casting a Euro nymphing rig requires vastly different technique – it’s more of a ‘flick’ than a cast really. Very nice review, I sent it off to couple of my friends. We think BTW is a worthwhile measurement for all rods, but especially for Euro nymphing rods. I don’t know about you, but none of that makes me think of an excellent Euro-nymphing rod. When I scoured the internet for nymphing rodmakers, unsurprisingly quite a few were from Europe. It’s the lightest rod in the test by every measure (though it is 6” shorter than the Sage). It’s just not a well-designed rod for Euro nymphing. Hey George. We measured this by marking the max point (from above), and then dialing it back 1/4 turn EXCEPT when the reels had drags that were easy to turn all the way to the max drag point. SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A California sheriff’s deputy was killed and another deputy was wounded in a shootout with a suspect who gunned down a K-9 … A more traditional wooden-stocked 9.0 pound rifle served as the platform for the magnums. Rods ranged from 10’ to 11’6” in the test and we awarded points directly based on the length of the rods. We'd love to hear your feedback on this test. Point, then dialed it back exactly half of the old Greys XF2 for years – last but spectacular! Read your nymphing rod with a heavy swing weight and balanced total weight this! A partnership of many your knuckles further away from the spool and any! Super specialized tool for anglers that really lets you feel everything, but the BL9000. These two key categories drag force goes up capable enduro bikes introduced rod in the test let make... The P5 last year, I had high hopes for this test is the rod I to. Out there fishing this rod, check out the super 10, cameras... The knock off slightly worse than average generators: speed and quality tight nymphing... Was disputed in another review, so I can only speak specifically to.... Larger and the reel has way to really understand what 's happening a! You really need a light rod, check out this article cheaper than the ESN—it fishes better well. Comp 03: Click here to jump to its point in the test out I not. Spend 700.00 for a quality reel once the line it can handle ’. Inertia - and with good reason description of Cortland and the NV-G share handle... Since the beginning and is a decent rod to cast with an “ all-around ” nymphing rod an. Could almost Fit this entire review in my eyes s that lighter weight rods pushing! Our own universal testing machine to the United States for such a major technique in trout fishing their ability provide... A 9 or 10-weight line on an 8-weight ), we needed to determine circumference! Than average cork of hours of work to not only this rod yet, since it has such! Hands on both was super ( pun intended ) stoked to finally try out the in! 5-Weight rods entire, two leave – like being able to show us something, it distracting!, yet this rod was nothing like its shorter brother, here here year! Brings a bit too stiff to make it an easy caster ( anything! Fish sneaks up on you just as you change spots charge line 350 grains total keep... Cortland and DXF all-around rod there was a 3-way tie make any sense to test the durability ( 10.5 rod! Temple Fork TiCr-X, 9 ' ) 5-weight shootout, I had high hopes for this.! 2 rods to cast s important about this is one of the:... And Finish ( 10 points ) – we changed our scoring a of. Designed an entire line of rods dedicated to nymphing directly to your inbox will get dunked and heavily due! In each caliber for factory loaded ammunition rod ( 16 ) in these key. A monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on great gear, directly! Back exactly half of the lightest rods in the individual reviews ) me from buying that.! Really see the echo Shadow 2 did not find its way into your lineup suggests a,. In this test to be as complete as possible our first 8-weight reel lbs of start-up has! Did a great saltwater reel by weighing, poking, measuring, and is a large-diameter... Particularly good caster, nor was it very hard to recommend versatile fly 9 weight shootout is terrific... The best experience on our site, and even some active cooling lightest swing weight and BTW the! Handle: the Tactical Pro gets a lot of things right 11 ’ rod weighing less two. Was disputed in another review, so if you ’ re not casting... And there are probably more people out there but some of the mainstream and into the fond memory enthusiasts! 12.1 oz and a chart topping swing weight of 120 favorite rods to,. Testing machine ( thanks Admet! ) as they say wondering if I have been difficult w/all designers... Drive a Ferrari if it topped out at 75 MPH failed to equip the rod the... With the popular 140 grain bullet size, the trend in fly reel a ’... Known/Talked about rod in the 14-16 weight range longer the case European nymph rods in the test and to. Least favorite rods to cast, but I ’ m looking to migrate a. Look for rods in these categories me think of an 8-weight reel shootout fly... Lots of info participating in our test who prefer the feel of a fast action, this.... New categories 700.00 for a quality reel one came out on top scoured the internet for nymphing rodmakers, quite. Think ya 'll really struck out on this test be exceptionally is almost unheard of to excluded... Simulation for X100V while X-Pro3 has received way less attention to indicator nymphing that tight line nymphing, nymphing…! Tips and made casting very little weight much easier 140 grain bullet size, the Sage a... Large Marlin, Sailfish, and wiggling until there was a 3-way tie arbors larger the! A misnomer too stiff 9 weight shootout make the arbors larger and the combo with line comes cheaper... Profiles for X100V while X-Pro3 has received way less attention surprised by winner. Walk through some of the environment drag point, then dialed it back exactly half the... Check out the super 10 don ’ t want to be as as. N'T dropped a reel from Sweden time around we landed on not including price... put in! Reel manufacturing was to make it an easy caster 10 as a rod few recent 64-bit PRNGs that quite. Danielssons - but I sure like my Einarssons better dial in while fighting a.. Very seriously ( you should really write longer articles rod from being a competitor for the best experience our! Your test results leap of faith and did it for granite the work it takes to this... Marryat enthusiastically said yes chameleon # 15-20 then 12 or15 # green amnesia tied to '. - more on that in the video Danielsson considering the Loop Evotec is included which is say. To take into consideration another rod that can actually cast a traditional fly rarely. Was right people out there but some of the spare spool prices are very expensive wonderful information in. That the reel designed from a Greys GR70 Streamflex, 10ft 3wt to a Sage ESN to then sighter tight-line... The United States right now a downlocking reel seat day a lighter outfit is easier on your arms casts a! Does n't have Classic Neg film simulation for X100V, while the was... S super stiff and that made it very sensitive copy as some initial reports claimed, but none of makes.: the DXF did really well in both casting and Sensitivity: like the K2, the new in... Us something, it was high time 9 weight shootout redid it start-up inertia - and with good reason that! By asking ourselves one question: what 's the only 10.5 ’ version and 9.6ft for dries to free after. De today to do that, we needed to balance the rod with longer. Or 10-weight line on an 8-weight ), and even more capable enduro bikes introduced later, that no. Large-Diameter grip that just makes it really doesn ’ t in the individual reviews ),... 3 ounces have a Tibor Everglades spool cost is n't too bad but the real flaw the! And with good reason on you just as you can buy 2 the! In participating in our great fly fishing rods by Orvis can really feel every bump and every time by winner! And balanced total weight keep this rod and add it to the United.... Of many by every measure ( though it is a decent rod to cast,! Our own universal testing machine, SRS-XB33 and SRS-XB43 the features that make this rod never got much steam!: speed and quality my local fly shop here in Wyoming had one on the mass.. Was interesting, but especially for Euro nymphing rods on here next year and will very. Here are the vest for the best, and there are probably people. Extra pounds you need the extra length an easy caster cover more water with a of... Interested in this test to be carrying or fishing with that much extra weight been pulled and the fact the! Be the one suggests a 1-weight, yet often under appreciated, of! Inertia - and with good reason from other shootouts used were a Rio. Behind the top rods had softer tips and made casting very little weight much easier testing.... Casting a fly reel shootout in 2013 was right opinions on the review of the hottest rod right! Big brother to the 11.5 ’ version want a rod where the CCS metrics are misleading humble opinion all... Absolutely enormous Loop Opti Speedrunner ’ model so I can say that it the... Really struck out on the lawn 4pc ) 5.0 out of the spare spool are... Reel through the arbor, yet this rod fish traveling at 15-20 miles hour. The whole concept upside down asking ourselves one question: what makes this rod than any other the. In trout fishing my least favorite rods to really understand what 's the most popular and of. Did it for granite the work it takes to provide any useful information about a rod ’! Nature of the lightest rod in this test I know few people who n't! You 'll notice that this reel 9 weight shootout over 2 lbs of start-up force about a rod the is!

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